The Tech You Need, The Solution You Trust

Tersano is changing the way the world cleans by replacing traditional cleaning products with a sustainable cleaning solution. Our patented technologies convert ordinary water into Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO®), an all-in-one cleaner, sanitiser, and deodoriser that kills up to 99.999% of germs without harsh chemicals.

Our transformative cleaning solution has brought innovation to the industry for over two decades. From the revolutionary lotus® PRO to the lean and adept iClean® PRO, we’ve delivered SAO® in various designs for all of your cleaning and sanitising needs.

Now, we bring to market three new technologies to meet the size, scale, and dexterity of next-gen cleaning. SAO is changing the way the world cleans, but IoT, SAO2GO, and iClean® Hands are shaking it up!

Tersano IoT


Smarter Tracking. Better Results.

Tersano’s IoT dashboard delivers real-time data to track usage, manage inventory, organize information, identify trends and analyze workflow. The IoT seamlessly pairs your smart phone and desktop devices to the SAO dispenser(s), providing better time management for improved efficiencies and productivity. IoT is the one-stop shop for connected cleaning!

Why IoT?

    • Track your SAO usage in a smart and accessible dashboard;
    • Capture essential data live, as it unfolds;
    • Receive updates on your dispenser’s status and cartridge life;
    • Manage your inventory from a single user-friendly portal;
    • Pair with your device for on-the-go tracking anytime, anywhere;
    • Capture sustainability insights like water usage and liters of chemicals replaced.

IoT is Perfect for:

    • BSCs
    • Facility Management
    • Service Contract Cleaners
    • Anyone needing data!



Safer Sanitising. Greater Productivity.

The new SAO2GO features the same solution you trust, innovated for mobility. SAO2GO converts water into SAO® on demand and is worn as a durable yet remarkably light backpack for instant SAO no matter where you go.

Lightweight with a fine mist, the portable SAO2GO dramatically improves productivity by increasing staff movement, expanding cleaning coverage, and delivering continuous runtime.


    • Powerful SAO kills germs, then quickly reverts to water and oxygen;
    • Superior design with quick slip-on, slip-off;
    • Cordless, lightweight, tough construction;
    • Simple to use, quiet, and easy to maintain;
    • Convenient waist strap carries tools.

SAO2GO is Perfect For:

    • Schools
    • Office Buildings
    • Workplaces
    • Public Spaces

iClean mini hands

iClean Hands - Coming soon

Tough on Germs. Safe on Skin.

The new iClean Hands is a wall-mounted dispenser producing SAO® on demand for gentle but effective hand sanitising.

Stronger than alcohol-based hand sanitisers, SAO is non-toxic, fragrance-free, and residue-free. SAO stops the spread of germs—while being gentle on skin.

Why iClean Hands?

    • Residue-free and safer on skin than traditional alcohol-based hand sanitisers;
    • Fast, touch-free dispensing with a gentle, sanitising mist;
    • Powerful SAO kills germs, then quickly reverts to water and oxygen;
    • Industrial-grade housing lasts long, ideal for high-traffic public spaces;
    • Easy installation, simple maintenance; available in wall mount or upright stand;
    • Safe, non-flammable, no risk from accidental ingestion.

iClean Hands is Perfect For:

    • Healthcare Environments
    • Schools
    • Office Buildings
    • Workplaces

For more information on Tersano’s innovative and sustainable cleaning technologies, visit our

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