AdventHealth Orlando

Driven to reduce the use of cleaning chemicals throughout AdventHealth Orlando, Crothall Healthcare introduced the Tersano Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) system for cleaning and deodorizing. The SAO solution is sustainable and safe, and would provide the Florida Hospital with a healthier working environment.

As an outcome of the Compass Support Service Multi-Sector Products Review, inclusive of Healthcare, Education and B & I, Crothall Healthcare conducted a month long trial of SAO at its AdventHealth Orlando location. The objective of the trial was to demonstrate a level of cleaning on par with or better than the hospital’s current chemical solution—while also simplifying the process, increasing savings, and decreasing the impact the hospital’s cleaning program has on its employees, patients, and guests.


When used as directed, the Tersano SAO system:

  • Uses on-site generation thereby eliminating the need to purchase, transport, distribute and stock multiple cleaning products.
  • Dramatically reduces traditional chemical usage by replacing cleaners, deodorizers, and stainless steel, glass, general purpose, carpet, and floor cleaners.
  • Increases productivity through an all-in-one solution thereby lowering labour costs.
  • Is non-corrosive and safe for any surface.
  • Has SDS of 0-0-0. AdventHealth staff are at zero risk of harm from toxic chemical exposure.

We simply have fewer chemicals to manage. We even use it on our floors.

Chris Bruno
Director of Operations and Environmental Services
AdventHealth Orlando


Led by the Director of Operations and Environmental Services, Chris Bruno, Crothall Healthcare provides environmental services to the sprawling AdventHealth Orlando campus. With four main buildings and over 1,300 patient beds, Bruno directs over 350 employees and has a strategic objective to bring operational efficiencies and cost savings to AdventHealth and, ultimately, Crothall.



In late 2014, Bruno was introduced to the SAO dispenser at an industry trade show he was attending. Bruno and his team started the test and, while finding
no resistance from the clinical side of the hospital, he did receive some caution from his housekeeping staff. He recalls, “We did have minor resistance from the
staff just because of how new and different it is from the chemicals they were used to.”

Bruno began by cleaning glass, stainless, mirrors and more of the general purpose spray-bottle cleaning areas. Over time, his team began using SAO in their walk-behind scrubbers and carpet cleaners – and enjoyed positive results here as well.

Notes Bruno, “It was amazing to see what it did on carpet. It’s outstanding.”

We were able to replace four chemicals by switching to Tersano. Today 90% of our cleaning at the hospital is done with SAO. We use Tersano and a disinfectant. That’s it.

-Chris Bruno


  • SAO reverts back to water and oxygen and can be disposed down the drain without negatively impacting waterways.
  • AdventHealth trial reduced the number of chemicals in use dramatically.
  • Switch to SAO helps AdventHealth maintain their Silver LEED rating for one of their newer buildings.
  • Using SAO led to program and process simplicity.
  • Best of all, no sacrifice in any cleaning performance.