Microfiber Cloths

CAD $6

tersano Microfiber Cloths are a proven, powerful, planet-friendly cleaning tool for all everyday messes. 

Heavy-duty, superfine microfibers quickly pick up soils, spills, dirt, and dust and wipe away germs

Machine washable and effective for over 300 washes, tersano Microfiber Cloths are kind to Earth, replacing single-use paper towel products for a cleaner home and planet.

Package of 2 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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tersano Microfiber Cloths prevent kilos of paper towel products and packaging from entering landfills.


Machine-washable tersano Microfiber Cloths can be laundered as little as once per week and last
for over 300 washes.


Densely weft-knitted, superfine microfibers effortlessly clean up spills, soils, dust, dirt, and germs on all hard surfaces.

Make It a Supersystem

On their own, tersano Microfiber Cloths quickly wipe away soils, spills, dirt, and dust. When paired
with the iClean mini, both tools become superpowers against contaminants, making your home cleaner, safer, and more hygienic for you and your loved homes.

iClean mini’s cleaning and deodorizing power helps remove odours and stains from microfiber, reducing wash times and extending the lifespan for an all-in-one cleaning supersystem.

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