Tersano is fiercely committed to achieving carbon zero goals by minimizing our footprint and maximizing our impact. We attribute our sustainability success to the hard work behind our vision and the team who delivers it. Through continuous evaluation, refinement, and improvement of our perceptions, processes, and products, we significantly reduce carbon emissions, waste, pollution, and water usage.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Tersano recognizes the need for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. We prioritize carbon savings in our procurement and supply chain strategy to ensure the greatest fuel efficiency and lowest emissions possible.

Tersano’s patented SAO solution does not contribute to air or water pollution. SAO contains no toxic or polluting chemicals and reverts to water and oxygen after use, leaving no environmental damage on any scale. We strive to reduce pollution wherever possible, both through our products and day-to-day operations.

Resource Procurement

With Tersano’s headquarters located in Oldcastle, Canada, we procure a large percentage of our supplies domestically or across the border in the United States. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing the travel required to deliver our manufacturing supplies. To further our commitment to sustainability, we have scheduled to open recycling warehouses overseas in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Product Distribution

Tersano employs the same carbon-savings strategy in our product distribution mapping. Rather than shipping our commercial products to individual businesses worldwide, Tersano consolidates shipments and delivers them to distribution centers to make the most fuel-efficient trips possible. 

Reduced Waste

As stewards of the environment, Tersano actively works to reduce waste. With the goal to become zero-waste, we are already making an impact through our detailed and actionable recycling program. Tersano’s recycling involves a closed loop system.


Tersano’s SAO solution is created on-site and on demand. We significantly reduce the need for packaging including cardboard and plastic. When cardboard is required, we use boxes made of 100% post consumer recycled materials.

Plastic & Electronic Waste

Tersano’s SAO® products do not use single-use plastics; instead, we create our commercial and consumer SAO devices using high-quality components designed to withstand many environments and endure years of use. Once our SAO products reach the end of their performance lives, they can be returned and restored for re-use. 

Cartridge Recycling Program

Our SAO cartridges are 100% recyclable. A prepaid label ensures that used cartridges are shipped back to Tersano to be repurposed. The toxic-free, food-grade resins within our cartridges are regenerated and reused. An overseas recycling facility is scheduled to open Q4/22.

Reduced Water Usage

Tersano’s SAO is a no-rinse solution. Compared to traditional cleaning products, SAO helps businesses and individuals use less water.

SAO is non-toxic and biodegradable. SAO reverts to oxygen and water before reaching the water treatment facilities, thereby reducing treatment costs. We strive to reduce water usage wherever possible, both through our products and day-to-day operations.


When you clean with tersano, you do more than prevent environmental harm: you also take actionable steps against climate change by reforesting planet earth.

In 2023, we launched our partnership with veritree to plant verified trees in critical areas worldwide. Thanks to veritree’s blockchain technology and digital monitoring, you can follow our reforesting journey yourself:

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