Laundry PODS

Industry-leading tersano Laundry PODS deliver clean, bright, and fresh laundry at an outstanding value.

Specially developed with a non-chlorine bleach formula, tersano Laundry PODS safely and effectively remove stains and odors while promoting whiter whites and brighter brights.

Available in various pack sizes to accommodate all business needs.

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  • Specially formulated to work in conjunction with iClean FLO and its ozone cleaning technology.
  • Effectively dissolves in any temperature.
  • Available in various pack sizes to accommodate your business's needs.

Pack Varieties: 5, 10, 200
Formulation: Dissolvable tablet

Product Varieties

5 Pack

Resealable pouch of 5 tersano Laundry PODS


10 Pack

Resealable pouch of 10 tersano Laundry PODS


200 Pack

Tub of 200 tersano Laundry PODS


Laundry PODS for Laundry PROS


Innovative stain-busting formula removes tough soils regardless of water temperature, quality, or washer type.


Safer, proprietary, chlorine-free blend makes colors their brightest and whites their whitest. 


Helps reduce odors at the source, leaving soft, and clean-smelling laundry. 

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