Your Top Questions, Answered

Is it just water? Is it even effective? Then how can it be safe? Isn't ozone dangerous?

You asked, we answered. We're coming clean about the iClean mini right here and right now by candidly answering your top questions.

We've got a lot of ground to cover, so let's get into it!

Question #1: Is It Just Water?

The iClean mini turns water into a cleaner. It's not just water – it's a certified all-in-one cleaner and deodorizer that can replace all those harsh cleaning chemicals under your sink.

The iClean mini restructures the molecules in your tap water into a certified cleaner through electrolytic technology. It infuses the water's molecules with an extra oxygen atom creating super-oxygenated water, otherwise known as Stabilized Aqueous Ozone.

Question #2: Is It Effective?

Yes – Stabilized Aqueous Ozone is one of the world's most naturally powerful cleaners. It's even stronger than chlorine bleach!

The extra oxygen atom the iClean mini infuses into the molecules of your tap water is unstable and relentlessly searches for organic matter to bond with, like dust, dirt, and contaminants. After bonding, it wears them down and destroys them through natural oxidization.

These surface contaminants are simple organisms that lack the antioxidants required to survive against Stabilized Aqueous Ozone. Because they do not have antioxidants, they are rendered defenseless against SAO's natural oxidizing power.

Question #3: If It's So Effective, How Can It Be Safe?

Unlike the contaminants that attract SAO, complex living organisms like humans, plants, and animals contain a host of defense mechanisms, including antioxidants.

When SAO contacts the skin, eyes, mouth, or is ingested, our natural antioxidants defend us against the solution, making it unable to harm us.

Unlike toxic chemicals, SAO does not contain harmful or corrosive ingredients; instead, it has only two: ozone safely contained in water.

Question #4: Isn't Ozone Dangerous?

Yes and no. Gaseous ozone and aqueous ozone are two different things, each with radically different effects on the environment and our health.

Gaseous ozone accumulates on the surface of the earth (the troposphere) from unnatural causes – cars and trucks, industrial facilities, refineries, power plants, and – ironically – many everyday cleaning products. This ground-level ozone is not emitted naturally but is formed through photochemical reactions with nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. Due to its photochemical reactivity with other gases in our atmosphere, ground-level ozone is understood to be harmful to the planet and public health.


However, the story of liquid ozone, or aqueous ozone, has an entirely different narrative. Liquid ozone does not off-gas or enter the environment in a gaseous form – it is safely contained in water at an EPA-compliant parts per million with no potential of off-gassing.


Moreover, because the third oxygen atom in ozone is unstable, it holds its molecular structure only temporarily. After interacting with the dirt and contaminants on your surfaces, it reverts to ordinary oxygen and water again, making the existence of ozone residuals impossible.

Question #5: Is It Really Sustainable?

Yes - it really is!

Since tersano was founded in 2001, we have prevented over 673,549,382 liters of harmful cleaning chemicals from entering the environment and over 13,258 tons of plastic spray bottles from entering our landfills – and counting!

We calculated our findings based on the number of cartridges purchased over time for our commercial SAO dispensers, each dispensing 3,000 to 6,000 liters of solution (depending on the model used).

In assuming that each cleaning product replaced with SAO came in a 1-litre bottle of solution and that each standard 1-litre plastic bottle weighed 19.7 grams (empty), we were able to define our impact with validated values.

Question #6: Speaking of Cartridges…What Do They Do?

A popular misconception about iClean mini cartridges is that they contain concentrated cleaning chemicals which the iClean mini then infuses and dilutes in tap water.

In reality, they do not contain any cleaning chemicals, solutions, or concentrate at all!

Instead, they contain only food-grade resins that filter your tap water before the iClean mini turns it into a cleaner.

Question #7: Are Cartridges Even Necessary?

Not only does the cartridge protect your iClean mini's interior cell, but it also increases the iClean mini’s cleaning performance by 15% compared to cleaning without the cartridge.

Without the cartridge, the iClean mini turns water into only aqueous ozone. Aqueous ozone is still a general cleaner, but it does not pack the power required to remove more contaminants than bleach.

The iClean mini cartridge removes select minerals from your tap water to ensure the device has the best-conditioned tap water before it turns it into a cleaner. The cartridge is the patented 'stabilization' component in tersano's aqueous ozone, making it clean better than any other water-based cleaner on the market!

Question #8: Can't Vinegar Do the Same?

Not even close! Vinegar is not an EPA-registered disinfectant or sanitizer and can't assure your home's protection from bacteria that cause viruses like the stomach flu, the common cold, and other unpleasant illnesses.

Not only does vinegar have a strong, sour smell that doesn't give your home that fresh and clean feel, but it can also permanently damage your belongings and is incompatible with many materials like stainless steel, stone, granite, travertine, and more.

And if sustainable cleaning is important to you, it's best to leave vinegar as a condiment. Those large plastic containers are part of the 91% of plastics that don't get recycled yearly, ending up in our landfills and oceans.

Question #9: Will It Really Save Me Money?

Yes! According to Statista, the average US household spent $178.45 in 2021 on laundry and cleaning supplies. With the iClean mini, you never have to buy a cleaning solution again! Instead, make it on-demand in your home with only cold water - what could be cheaper than that?

In addition to a 1-year warranty, the iClean mini is designed with durable materials and technology for years of use, saving you hundreds of dollars in cleaning supplies.

The only repurchase required is the cartridge. A four-pack of cartridges retails for $39 US (plus a $15 flat rate shipping fee) and comes in a convenient four-pack to provide up to one year of cleaning power!

Question #10: Why Should I Trust tersano?

Because it's not just us who know we're safe, sustainable, and effective. tersano's SAO solution has been studied, tested, and certified by world-leading regulators, governmental organizations, third-party academic and research facilities, and more.

Regarding safety and sustainability, our solution complies with regulations slated by the EPA, FDA, CFIA and more. Meanwhile, we've gone the extra mile to achieve certifications from other third-party regulators like Green Seal, HACCP, EUO3TA, Halal, Kosher, NSF, TUV, and more. You can find the full breakdown of our certifications here.

In addition, aqueous ozone has been in use for over a century. Many water treatment facilities have adopted the solution as a safer and more sustainable alternative to chlorine bleach for sanitizing drinking water. It’s also used to clean some Olympic swimming pools and even at the dentist's office!

With hundreds of five-star reviews, we're confident that once you try the iClean mini, you'll never return to the old cleaning method again.


We've come clean on the dirty truth about the iClean mini. Are you satisfied with the answers? Did we miss anything? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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I love my Tersano! It was a Christmas gift two years ago and I have since turned so many of my friends into believers. The possibilities are endless and results outstanding! Thank you!

Linda February 28, 2023

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