Harmless to people but deadly to germs, SAO eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria naturally.

SAO (ozone in its aqueous, stabilized form) is an all-in-one cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer. When ozone molecules contact the cell wall of bacteria, it creates tiny holes, a reaction called oxidation. Oxidation is germ-killing. Then, when the job is done, SAO reverts to ordinary oxygen and water again, leaving no impact on the environment.

Cleaning Technologies Sized to Scale

lotus® PRO

Designed for high capacity, the lotus® PRO turns water into SAO in real time, dispensing up to 11 litres of solution per minute for filling spray bottles, mop buckets, and floor cleaning equipment.

iClean® mini

Handheld and portable, the iClean mini uses an electrolytic cell to turn tap water into SAO at point-of-use. The mini’s spray-and-convert functionality makes it suitable for jobs requiring on-the-go cleaning and on-the-spot generation.

iClean® PRO

Like the mini, the iClean® PRO features point-of-use SAO generation through electrolytic cell technology. It has a larger water reservoir for longer cleaning runtimes and dispenses SAO at a higher ozone concentration than the mini for even more germ-killing.

Next-Gen Technologies

iClean® Dashboard

iClean® Dashboard is where cleaning meets the internet of things. It delivers real-time data to help you track SAO usage, manage inventory, organize information, identify trends, and analyze your workflow so you can automate and dominate.


Like the iClean mini and PRO, SAO2GO turns water into SAO at point-of-use. Featherlight and durable, a one-litre water reservoir dramatically improves productivity by expanding cleaning coverage and delivering continuous runtime.

iClean® Hands – Coming Soon

iClean Hands uses electrolytic technology to turn ordinary water into a hand sanitizer on-demand. Alcohol-free and able to kill up to 99.99% of germs, iClean Hands is tested and compliant for sensitive skin and guarantees safer handshakes.