Services for Education - Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

Driven to bring innovation, savings and sustainability to clients, the Compass Support Service team at Services for Education (SSC) introduced the Tersano Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO®) system for cleaning and deodorizing. The SAO solution is sustainable and safe, and would provide Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) with a healthier working environment.

MTSU conducted a month long trial of SAO in one of its academic buildings. The objective of the trial was to demonstrate a level of cleaning on par with or better than the current chemical solution while also being able to simplify the process, increase savings, and decrease the impact MTSU’s cleaning chemicals had on the environment.


The Tersano SAO system:

  • Uses on-site generation thereby eliminating the need to purchase, transport, distribute and stock multiple cleaning products.
  • Dramatically reduces traditional chemical usage by replacing sanitizers, deodorizers, and stainless steel, glass, general purpose, carpet, and floor cleaners.
  • Increases productivity through an all-in-one solution thereby lowering labour costs.
  • Is non-corrosive and safe for any surface.
  • Has SDS of 0-0-0. MTSU staff are at zero risk of harm from toxic chemical exposure.


Switching from chemicals has enabled us to reduce our carbon footprint and that’s important to our leadership as MTSU is always looking for ways to be more environmentally-friendly. We’ve received great feedback from our frontline associates. They love it.

Brian Addington
Unit Director of Facility Services
Middle Tennessee State University



ith 56 buildings, over 2 million square feet of cleanable surfaces, and hundreds of frontline employees on his watch, Brian Addington, Unit Director of Facility Services for Middle Tennessee State University, is always on the look-out for ways
to make his program simpler, safer, and more sustainable.

“It’s a big job,” notes Addington. “And when we used chemicals it was even bigger with multiple products, multiple training regimen, and countless
safety manuals. Add to that the ordering, managing, storing, mixing and disposing of all those chemicals and obviously I was looking for a better process,
better product, and better program.”


In 2011, Addington attended a Crothall new product trade show in Wayne, PA and was introduced to Tersano’s lotus PRO which creates SAO, a replacement for traditional chemicals. His interest was piqued.

“We conducted a trial and had very good results,” he explains. “It turned out to be up-to-par – if not better than, chemicals. That certainly helped staff to embrace it. Once they saw the results, they accepted it and ran with it.”

It definitely helps that Tersano is so responsive and great to work with. This is an
exceptional product, I would definitely recommend it. We’re always looking for the
next big thing, and this is it.

Brian Addington



  • SAO reverts back to water and oxygen and can be disposed down the drain without negatively impacting waterways.
  • The MTSU building trial reduced the number of chemicals in use dramatically.
  • Staff embraced the new cleaning process.
  • Best of all, no sacrifice in any cleaning performance.