The Cleaning Gadget that Replaces All Cleaners

Imagine never having to buy a cleaning product again. With the iClean mini, you don’t have to!

Meet the home cleaning device that turns ordinary water into an all-purpose cleaner at the press of a button.

It cleans better than bleach, yet it’s as safe as H2O, containing two (and only two) ingredients: water and super oxygen.

Replace all your cleaning products with the one smart cleaning gadget that does it all. As long as you have water and the iClean mini, you’ve got the world’s most versatile cleaner that will make you love cleaning all over again!

All Surface Cleaner
Water in, cleaner out! Replace all your specialty surface cleaners - stainless steel, wood, marble, granite, porcelain, and everything in between - with a solution that safely and effectively cleans it all.

Non-Slip Floor Cleaner
Replace all your material-specific floor cleaners with the iClean mini’s solution for slip-safe and residue-free floors. As a natural cleaning product with no harsh chemicals, it won’t dull your floors’ gloss and shine.

Natural Carpet Cleaner
Use the iClean mini’s solution to spot-clean and effectively remove stubborn stains from your rugs and throws, like pet messes, spilt milk, mud tracks, and more.

No Streak Window Cleaner
Are streaky windows a pain in your glass? Replace those subpar window cleaners with the iClean mini’s solution for a guaranteed streak-free finish each time.

Bathroom Cleaner without Bleach
Replace all those toxic bathroom cleaners with an all-purpose solution that cleans without harsh chemicals. Use the iClean mini’s solution as a sink cleaner, shower glass cleaner, tub cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and mirror cleaner. Cleans 50% better than bleach, 100% safer.

Food Safe Kitchen Cleaner
Never worry about using your cleaning product around your food prep areas again. As a food-safe kitchen cleaner, the iClean mini’s solution removes contaminants, yet it’s harmless if it contacts your eyes, skin, mouth or is ingested.

Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner
The iClean mini’s solution doubles as a fruit and vegetable cleaner. Spray your fruits and vegetables with the solution and extend the shelf life by safely and effectively removing contaminants and dirt.


Just add water and change the way you clean! The iClean mini's solution replaces all your home cleaning products helping you save time, money, and space. Make cleaning simple with one solution that cleans it all so you can love cleaning again. Sign up today for 20% OFF your first purchase and discover how easy cleaning can be with Tersano.

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