How the iClean mini Works

The iClean mini: The Ultimate Home Cleaning Gadget

Meet the ultimate home cleaning hack: a device that turns water into a cleaner instantly. Gone are the days of running out of your go-to bottle of all-purpose cleaner right when you're in the middle of a mess. The world's first handheld water-to-cleaner converter is here to make you love cleaning all over again.

The best part? It cleans 50% better than bleach, yet it's 100% safe for you and the planet. It's called the iClean mini, and it's making a BIG difference in the way the world cleans.

Home cleaning gadget. Cleaning gadget. iClean mini. How the iClean mini works.

How the iClean mini Works

Let's get cleaning down to a science.

The iClean mini home cleaning gadget uses electrolytic technology to turn water into a cleaner on demand.

A refillable water tank at the bottom of the device holds ordinary tap water. When the "spray" button is activated, the water in the tank travels past a replaceable filtration cartridge that removes impurities from your tap water to provide optimal cleaning performance.

The iClean mini then infuses an extra oxygen atom into the water to create super-oxygenated water, a harm-free cleaning solution that gets the job done without any harsh chemicals.

Home cleaning gadget. Cleaning gadget. iClean mini. How the iClean mini works.

How the iClean mini Cleans

The iClean mini's solution does not contain the harmful ingredients frequently found in everyday cleaning products. Instead, it has two (and only two) ingredients altogether: water and super-oxygen.

The super-oxygen in the iClean mini's solution is simply ordinary oxygen with one extra oxygen atom added. This extra oxygen atom is unstable and searches for something to bond with, like dirt, dust, and surface contaminants. Once it does, it breaks down contaminants through natural oxidization.

Because the third oxygen atom is unstable, the solution returns to regular water and oxygen leaving nothing behind. It's safe, proven, and trusted by millions of users worldwide (even Google!).

Home cleaning gadget. Cleaning gadget. iClean mini. How the iClean mini works.

How to Use the iClean mini

Cleaning just got easy with the mini - it's as simple as one, two, three: charge, fill, clean!

The iClean mini holds its charge for weeks and charges up in as little as 60 minutes to streamline your cleaning routine. Once charged, fill the water tank with any cold, clean water – tap water, bottled water, or even lake water while camping – and the device will immediately turn it into a cleaner when you spray.

No mixing, no stirring, no stress, no mess – just simple technology that cleans as good as it looks.

Where to Use the iClean mini

Save the planet and your under-sink space by doing away with toxic chemicals and single-use plastic bottles for good. The iClean mini replaces all your everyday cleaning agents, so you never have to buy one again!

The iClean mini's solution is incredibly effective on surfaces, glass, floors, carpets, in the bathroom, on food contact surfaces, and even on food itself. Beyond surface cleaning, it’s even certified safe and effective for cleaning fruits, vegetables, and your most sensitive household items like baby pacifiers, pet toys, toothbrushes, and more.

It takes the guesswork out of housework and makes cleaning a no-brainer for everyone. With a home cleaning gadget this simple and safe to use, you can even get the kids involved!

Home cleaning gadget. Cleaning gadget. iClean mini. How the iClean mini works.

Want to Love Cleaning Again?

If you're tired of cleaning and the chores never end, let the iClean mini give you a hand. With one solution to clean it all – and a device that requires only cold water to use – you eliminate the guesswork from housework and can clean with confidence in a snap. Love cleaning again with the iClean mini today and change the way you clean for you, your home, and the planet.


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